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DMOE (formerly DMLE, Linux Edition) is a free (read: opensource) SDL implementation of the classic game Dungeon Master from FTL/Interplay.
The initial target platform is GNU/Linux, but other (POSIX preferred) platforms supported by SDL will be supported too, as well as possible. It will attempt to reproduce (as far as possible) the look and feel of the former Dungeon Master version (currently the Atari one, but I'm also considering other versions). Please note that it's under heavy development, only some parts of the engine are working, so the _game_ itself doesn't exist yet, the project is only at an embryonic stage (see project details/downloads).


The engine is under GPL, all data (gfx, sfx) must be extracted from an original Dungeon Master you must own. I'm working on an extraction procedure so that people can use the original data and respect the license considerations. A free data set (including gfx and sfx) *might* be implemented, but this is a huge work, not scheduled yet.


(all current gfx are copyrighted by FTL/Interplay)
Into the maze
Into the maze

Supported platforms:

  • GNU/Linux (x86, PPC soon).
  • BeOS (x86).

    As soon as possible, support will be provided for: MacOS X, BSD, QNX, Win32, etc.


  • SDL, SDL_image, libpng.
  • Sound support (optional): SDL_sound, libvorbis).


  • 2002/10/22 (wwp): first release for DMOE package. This fixes a fatal error that occurred even in the last DMLE package! See the README/Changelog for news (nothing really important towards the game itself).
  • 2002/09/11 (wwp): project name has changed to DMOE, which does better match the targets of the package.
  • 2002/09/04 (wwp): DMLE and DMBE 0.0.0a releases have been added to the download section at sourceforge.net.
  • 2002/09/03 (wwp): a port to BeOS has been done by Claus Windeler. See the download section and there.
  • 2002/09/02 (wwp): first announcements at freshmeat and icewalkers.
  • 2002/05/06 (wwp): creation of this embryonic page (this reflects my HTML abilities eheh).
  • 2002/04/22 (wwp): the project has been registered to sourceforge.net.
  • 2002/04/01 (wwp): start of the feasibility study, project main design and some work on the core engine.

    Project detail:

    At sourceforge.net


  • Downloads at sourceforge.net
  • Local downloads
  • Mirror at mollux.org

    Sorry, no binary package yet..


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